Jinan Zhongmu Agri-Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Jinan Zhongmu Agri-Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has had 126 staff, including 3 doctoral students and 28 technicians and management staff. It has had the production lines of 5,000-ton compound multiple-vitamin additives and 2,000-ton compound sweeteners, as well as other production lines, such as allicin powder and glycine ferrum complex. It mainly undertakes the manufacture and sales of the varieties, such as multi-vitamins, sweetener, mildew preventives, antioxidants, allicin, oregano oil and glycine ferrum complex. It has manufactured all types of feed additives, nearly 50,000 tons in total. Its business has spread all places in the whole country and many overaseas countries and regions.

The recipe idea of Jinan Zhongmu Agri-Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is “To pay attention to health and environmental protection, propose green and non-reactive mariculture and improve the nutrients of beasts and birds”. It strictly implements the standards of ISO9001and ISO22000. And under the instruction from Production and Management System of Food Safety of HACCP, it takes relevant institutes and universities, such as China Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as the technical support, has hired famous animal nutrition experts as consultants, closely followed the development of the foreland of the market. It pursues the development by relying on technology and takes quality as life. It has constantly satisfied and surpassed customers’ requirement and expectation with superior service and good reputation.


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