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Product name: Hydrochloride betaine

Company: Jinan Zhongmu Agri-Star Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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[CAS number]: 590-46-5

[Chemical Structure]:

[Molecular formula]: C5H11NO2HCl

[Molecular weight]: 153.61

[Physical properties]: White to slightly yellow crystalline powder, the taste is acid bismuth, soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether, chloroform, and reacted with alkali. Melting point 241-242 ° C. Water soluble 64.7 g / 100 mL (25 ° C).

[Chemical name]: This product is betaine hydrochloride, chemical name is glycine trimethylamine inner salt, anhydrous betaine has the molecular formula C5H12O2N, usually one molecule of crystal water

[Executive Standards]: China Ministry of Agriculture NY/T1619-2008

[Specifications and ingredients]:

A. Product Specifications: This series of products are divided into two specifications: betaine hydrochloride and 30% betaine powder.

B. Product composition: Betaine hydrochloride contains 98% betaine hydrochloride, and 30% betaine powder contains 30% pure betaine.


1. Betaine is a highly efficient methyl donor that can replace the methylation function of methionine and choline. It can ensure the methylation of various biochemical reactions in animals to ensure the normal anabolism of nucleic acids and proteins.

2. Betaine can regulate cell osmotic pressure, reduce stress response, and ensure normal growth of animals.

3. Synergistic effects against coccidiostats to improve the efficacy of anticoccidial drugs.

4. Betaine can promote fat metabolism, increase lean meat rate, prevent fatty liver, and enhance immune function.

5. Betaine can stimulate the animal's sense of smell and taste. It is a good attractant, especially for aquatic animals, it has the functions of increasing food intake and survival rate, reducing feed coefficient and promoting growth.

6. Raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry to prevent liver disease.

7. Betaine is compatible with vitamins in premixed feeds, which maintains higher vitamin stability than choline.

[Application efficiency]

1. Improve animal immunity, disease resistance, and stress resistance.

2. Enhance the feeding behavior of aquatic feed, increase feed intake, shorten feeding time, reduce the loss of bait and water pollution in culture. It is an ideal attractant for fish and crustaceans, and has a strong sense of smell for fish and shrimp. The temptation greatly increases the amount of food consumed and promotes growth.

3. Partial replacement of methionine to reduce feed costs and improve economic efficiency.

4. Synergistic anticoccidial drugs improve anti-coccidial effect, increase lean meat rate, improve meat quality and increase flavor.

5. As a nutrient base in the production of lysine, threonine, glutamic acid, VB2, VB12, etc., the fermentation yield can be significantly improved.