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Dear friends,

Ten years, in the long river of human history is only a short moment, but in a person's life, it is rare for several decades. After ten years of hard work, Aoli has not achieved extraordinary and leaping development, but it has also won the joy of entrepreneurship and experienced the hardship of development.

At the beginning of the business, there were far-sighted leaders from the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and there was strong financial support. We take the responsibility of increasing income, increasing farmers' income, and promoting rural economic development. With a hundredfold confidence and effort, we are committed to the entrepreneurship and development of the Australian Group. The combination of government and enterprise has cultivated agricultural production bases; inspected the market, created the introduction of improved varieties and agricultural products processing enterprises; and went abroad to build agricultural products export channels. Through unremitting efforts, we have initially formed an agricultural service system that integrates the introduction of good varieties, planting of agricultural and sideline products, agricultural production materials services, agricultural product processing, and import and export trade. The enterprise was also established as “Shandong Aoli Group Co., Ltd.” by the provincial economic and trade commission approved by the “Jinan Aoli Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.”, and was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to become “Aoli Group Co., Ltd.” without regional registration. . In 2003, the Group successfully entered the ranks of the top 100 agricultural enterprises in Shandong Province.

In 2004, with the interruption of financial funds, we began a new stage of entrepreneurship with the goal of self-accumulation and self-development. In the face of a shortage of funds, a long period of agricultural industry, and relatively low efficiency. Taking the reform and restructuring as an opportunity, we have successfully realized the fundamental transformation of corporate guiding ideology. We have improved the parent-subsidiary system with assets as the link, established and improved the modern enterprise system, trained and trained a group of cadres suitable for enterprise development, and established three major industrial sectors: agricultural cloning, bioengineering and environmental protection machinery. Successfully developed a number of industry leading products such as Phalaenopsis, O'Farui Health Products, Feixing, Roots Blower, and Organic Solids Fermentation Equipment. And built a complete sales network of Roots blower market. On the basis of adhering to the development of agricultural industrialization, the Group has stepped out of the predicament and embarked on the road of successful development.

However, we are well aware that on the road of enterprise development, we have only succeeded in taking a small step. If we have the joy of success at the beginning of the business, we have had embarrassment and confusion in the process of change, then, after carefully summarizing the experience and lessons in the process of enterprise development, we have laid a solid foundation for the development of the company, full of success. Firm belief. We will unswervingly adhere to the core values of “enjoying green and returning to nature” and stick to the corporate tenet of “improving farmers' income, improving the ecological environment, and ensuring the health of residents”, and make Australia a better and stronger. I sincerely hope that my friends and people of insight in the community can work together with us. We will witness the development and growth of the Aoli Group and witness the efforts and contributions of Aoli to improve our living environment and for the cause of human health.